I am very proud to announce that I have been elected into the UCO Athletic Hall of Fame.  This award came about because I was a member of the universities first national championship team in 1962.  I was extremely proud of the fact that I played defensive tackle and in eleven wins and no defeats we only allowed the opposition to score a total of fifty-seven points. Thirteen of these came from the second ranked team in the nation.

My teammates and I would like to thank the university for bestowing this honor on us and wish them continued success in not only athletics, but in academics.


Bass Reeves

As an old west history lover I have now written three books on the life of Bass Reeves.  He was the first Black US Marshal west of the Mississippi River  His exploits were so great that you would think it is a work of total fiction, but in truth he was one of the longest serving US Marshals in history and played a very important part of helping Oklahoma become a state.  His work with the famous HANGING JUDGE PARKER brought about the recognition that Oklahoma should become a state.  I invite your comments on this man and his accomplishments,  There are at least four cities who have BASS REEVES DAYS and hundreds of children study his life in the classrooms,  If you love the west you will be knocked out by the accomplishments of this man and be astounded that he has not received his well earned place in history until recently.

My first book

I  have been very gratified with the reception my first book has and still is receiving.  ROCHA’S TREASURE OF POTOSI was written after many years of research and long hours of thought.  I got the story when I first visited Potosi, Bolivia and was trapped there by blockades  I couldn’t get out of the city and fortunately found a guide who spoke English and for days we exchanged stories.  His true story of Francisco Rocha mesmerized me.  I could not believe that the story that was so important to history had never been written.  It took me 17 years to put it on paper, but every stroke of the keys made me know that I would be exposing the world to an amazing story and at the same time describing historical events that few were privileged to know.

Why I love history?

When I was a kid I used to….get lost in the stories that were part of the history class.  I never thought of them as history, but of tales of great events and the action that was talked about became movies in my mind. This fascination with history continued throughout my educational experiences.  As strange as it may seem, history became even more important after I retired from teaching and started writing historical novels  I found that the more I wrote the more I needed to know.  If you are a person who loves history and exchanging stories lets get together  I particularly like the west and the civil war period, but find that everyday I learn more from exchanging thoughts and experiences.